Traffic Warning Detectors

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Traffic warning detectors use advanced technology to give drivers early warning of potentially hazardous situations on the road. By picking up signals from Safety Alert transmitters, these units can sound an alarm when construction and emergency vehicles are ahead. These detectors keep the motorist informed, thus giving one the option of changing course before the inevitable delay is encountered.

Traffic Warning Detectors Assist the Traveler

A traffic alert system is not a laser detector. It will not protect you from police radar. It is designed strictly as a traffic warning system, patented by Cobra Electronics as the Safety Alert System. This system has two components: transmitters and detectors. The transmitters are affixed to trains, school buses, emergency and public utility vehicles. The detector is on the dash of a motorist's car.

The detector provides a visual and audio signal to the driver when it picks up transmissions from Safety Alert-equipped vehicles. These traffic warning detectors can even alert the driver to the presence of trains on upcoming tracks. An oncoming emergency vehicle coming at high speed can more easily be avoided when the motorist has a traffic alert detector, and construction zones will no longer cause delays.

The use of traffic warning detectors make the motorist safer on the road. An early alert system gives drivers the option of avoiding public utility work and other road hazards. It also gives the driver a chance to slow down and exercise caution when approaching vehicles equipped with Safety Alert transmitters. They are just one more way that technology is being used to improve public safety and maintain order on the nation's highways.

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