Ultra Compact Binoculars

Written by Beth Hrusch
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The advantages of ultra compact binoculars while on your outdoor adventure are many. They are a must-have item for anyone who needs powerful magnification but is working with limited space. Bird watchers, hunters, campers and hikers can benefit from the technology that allows today's compact binoculars to give excellent viewing while remaining small. As any outdoorsman knows, the lighter the load the more enjoyable the trip becomes.

Ultra Compact Binoculars--Small Yet Powerful

Compact binoculars often have the same features as their larger counterparts. Though often weighing just ounces and boasting dimensions of a few inches, many models have magnification powers of up to 10x. Most compact binoculars are comprised of a roof prism design that features side-by-side lenses positioned close together. This gives them their small and easy-to-carry shape.

Some ultra compact binoculars have a rectangular shape which makes them easy to store into a carrying case. Since the lenses are not separate, they don't protrude or present an awkward shape to have to stuff into a cover. In fact, these binoculars are so small and light weight that they can be stored in a shirt pocket or purse, available at a moment's notice. For bird watchers and hunters, this convenience could mean the difference between getting the details and missing them.

With the use of ultra compact binoculars, the outdoorsman can enjoy a clear and detailed view of his or her surroundings without sacrificing room in the backpack to another bulky item. Once you experience the ease of traveling with these light and small binoculars, you may never go back to larger models. Outdoors supply stores have a wide variety of these binoculars with features that will help you see the details while keeping your backpack light.

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