Waterproof Radios

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Waterproof radios are a must-have items for the recreational boater. As a matter of safety, all boaters who are traveling more than a few miles offshore should have a way to communicate with land or other boaters. Marine radios are designed to provide two-way communication and are tuned to the international marine channels. This gives boaters a degree of security while out on the water.

Waterproof Radios at Sea

Whether sailing in salt or fresh water, it is necessary to have a radio that is made to withstand the elements. Salt water can wreak havoc on any kind of metal and water will eventually rust out the delicate components of marine radios. Considering how important this lifeline can be, it is important to choose a radio with a weather resistant housing.

Rubberized mics and dials will make waterproof radios easier to handle in slick conditions. Look for these features when shopping for one. Become familiar with the marine channels that will give you emergency and weather information, as they could become your guide to safety in a storm or other situation. There are three main channels and others that can be used for non-emergency communication.

The advantages of waterproof radios while out on the water are obvious. These radios are indispensable for their ability to keep the boater in touch while alerting him or her to situations that might otherwise go unnoticed. Information on how to use these radios is available from an outdoor sporting store and online, where you can explore the different features and decide which one is right for you.

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