Football Goal

Written by Mary Martin
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When you think of football, what springs to mind is probably the "H"-shaped football goal at either end of the field. This type of goal is quite at home on a practice field. However, if the intended application is a stadium, the single post pitchfork goalpost is recommended.

Selecting the Right Football Goal

A goal of the "H" style is useful if the field is short and does not have the end zone space for a single post goal. For a field that is to be used for both soccer and football, a combo football/soccer goal is ideal. If the field is in a stadium, the single post pitchfork goalpost is the norm for safety reasons.

There are other factors to consider before ordering. You must decide whether you want 10-foot-tall uprights or 20-foot-tall uprights. If the goalpost will get heavy use from high-school or older players, this level of usage may dictate selection of the heavy-duty version goal.

The selection of other pieces of sports equipment may also affect the choice of the football goal. If a portable soccer goal is available, the combo football/soccer goal may not be needed. Then the best choice may be the single post pitchfork style, as a portable soccer goal may be placed under it.

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