Merry Go Rounds

Written by Mary Martin
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Incorporating all the thrills of a carnival ride without ever leaving the ground, merry go rounds have been a playground favorite for generations. Stop by any park and watch children whirling around on these large flat spinning disks. As you hear the youngsters' laughter and their shouts of "Faster! Faster!," you will understand why the merry go round's popularity endures.

This playground toy is positioned flat on the ground on an appropriate shock-absorbing surface, such as wood chips or sand. It is pushed by children or adults who run alongside holding on to the handrails. Children riding on the merry go round can either stand up or sit down.

Merry Go Rounds Must be Sturdy

The number of children a particular merry go round can accommodate depends on its size, but some models can hold up to 30 kids. This popular playground toy must be sturdy to operate continuously under such heavy use. Models with lubricated ball bearings move easily and smoothly.

This piece of equipment is one of the most colorful items on the playground. Many are powder coated in bright primary colors or made with colorful recycled plastic. Look online for more information about purchasing merry go rounds.

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