Metal Swing Sets

Written by Mary Martin
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Ask anybody, old or young, to name their favorite playground equipment and what you're likely to hear is "metal swing sets." The thrill of sailing up in the air and down is one that every child seems to savor. Generations of youngsters have enjoyed this perennially popular basic, which adapts as easily to a backyard as it does to a park setting.

Selecting Metal Swing Sets

One important factor to take into account when purchasing a swing set is the amount of space available. For safety reasons, swings must be positioned in a clear area away from other play equipment, fences, sidewalks and anything else that could prove a hazard. One space-saving swing set, the Heavy Duty 'T' Swing, suitable for lower and upper elementary students, is useful in situations where space is at a premium.

The most important thing to determine, however, is just who will be playing on the swing. If a set is to be used exclusively by younger children, it makes sense to purchase a model such as the tripod-legged Primary Swing designed specifically for lower elementary students. Sets for use in a public area, however, might be geared toward a wider age range, such as the Heavy-Duty Combination Swing, which includes a hammock swing and an adult swing chair.

Backyard swing sets are likely to be used by everyone in the family, adults included, so it's wise to purchase one that will accommodate all weights. Fortunately there are a number of metal swing sets--the Bipod Support, the Tripod Support, and the Single Post Swing, for example--specifically recommended for families who want a playground-grade set. Look online for these and all your residential playground equipment needs.

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