Park Bench

Written by Mary Martin
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No park or playground is complete without at least one comfortable park bench. The presence of a bench makes any outdoor space seem much more welcoming, and encourages visitors to linger. Whether it's set on the edge of a children's play area, beside a park pathway or under a spreading tree, a bench sets a warm tone.

Mothers, especially, appreciate a playground bench where they can watch their children have fun on the jungle gym, swings and other park equipment. They like to be near enough to be available if needed, but not so close that the youngsters feel they're hovering. Relaxing on a bench is also a good time to chat with the parents of their children's friends.

Park Benches Not Limited to Parks

Increasing numbers of people are finding that a bench adds to the enjoyment of their backyard playground or garden. Such a bench, which can be either permanently installed or portable, offer a wonderful place to unwind with a book and a cup of coffee, keep the children company while they play or just enjoy the outdoors. Park-quality benches have the advantage of durability; materials may include plastisol PVC-coated metal, anodized aluminum or yellow pine.

You may be surprised to learn that these high-quality, built-to-last benches can be reasonably priced. Considering the years of pleasure and long wear they will provide, one could even say they are a bargain. One good way to find park benches and other park equipment is to check online.

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