Park Equipment

Written by Mary Martin
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Park equipment adds immeasurably to the comfort and the convenience of any park. In fact, we could think of it as "furniture." Just as a house needs furniture to make it livable, so a park needs specialized equipment to make it usable.

A park with comfortable benches set along the pathways has a much more welcoming ambiance than a park with nowhere to sit. A park with picnic benches and bicycle racks invites people to linger. Parks that host sports teams are more pleasant for players and spectators alike if there are bleachers and a players bench.

Using Park Equipment at Home

Park equipment need not be limited to the park, however. Many families are finding that park-quality equipment is ideal for their own backyards because of its durability and attractiveness. Since it's made to withstand heavy wear and extremes of weather, it can easily stand up to normal family usage.

Park benches and picnic tables are favorites for home use. The Casual Ultra Park Swing, for example, holds up to 800 pounds and would enhance any type of backyard decor. Look online for this item or any other park-quality equipment.

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