Playground Climbers

Written by Mary Martin
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For many adventurous kids, playground climbers are the highlight of the outdoor activity. Climbers offer the chance for children to take risks in a safe environment and the opportunity to test their muscles. They also provide the perfect setting for imaginative group play.

All Kinds of Playground Climbers

There are climbers designed for children as young as preschool age.. On the Charlotte the Spider-Playground, for example, little kids can climb up offers long ladder legs onto a 3-foot-high aluminum body finished in powder-coated polyester. In the 3-foot-high Sensori Tunnel, they can explore open tunnels and three slides without taking the chance of a big fall.

Young children can also test their climbing skills on a small geodesic dome or the Up/Down Crawl Thru, which features tunnels and slanted aluminum boards. The Net Climber gives early elementary kids the chance to climb up to 6 feet high on a plastic-covered net that's set at an angle to make it more difficult. Metal parallel bars help build upper-body strength and gymnastic skills for lower-grade and older students.

As children get into the upper elementary grades they want more challenging playground equipment. The wavy horizontal ladder, pole climb, challenge ladder, boarding net and straight loop climber can provide the challenges they're looking for. Some of these items are even appropriate for use as residential playground equipment; look online for details about playground climbers.

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