Playground Equipment

Written by Mary Martin
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Having fun on playground equipment is one of the great joys of childhood! No trip to the park--or a well-equipped home playground--is complete without a turn on the see saw, the slide or the swings. Such outdoor play is part and parcel of the memories we all share.

Once upon a time, much playground equipment was constructed of standard gray metal and the designs were less than imaginative. However, today's attractive, innovative equipment is available in a vast array of designs and configurations to adapt to any size play area. It offers play opportunities beyond those of the outdoor playthings of yesteryear.

Equipment For All Ages

There is outdoor equipment to suit all ages from toddlers on up. Tiniest tots enjoy traditional spring toys--ride ons in the shape of vehicles or animals--geo domes, sand and water tables and sand diggers. Older youngsters love to explore elaborate play structures with multiple slides and levels, and to challenge themselves on climbing equipment.

Children--and adults--who play team sports need specialized equipment. Such sports equipment includes goal posts for soccer and football and backstops for baseball and basketball. Some of these essentials must be permanently installed, but many are available as portables.

Playground Equipment Enhances Fitness

Not only is playground equipment fun for kids to use, it can enhance their fitness level as well because it encourages them to move their bodies. Regular physical exercise has been proven to be vital to fitness and health. The earlier children establish good habits of exercise, the more likely they might be to continue exercising throughout life.

Recent studies indicate that childhood obesity is on the rise in the United States. One way to help stave off that health-threatening condition is regular physical exercise. Physical activities--running, jumping, climbing, swinging--can be more entertaining when using properly chosen playground equipment, so providing appropriate equipment can be a significant step toward encouraging children get more exercise.

Good equipment may even enhance children's intellect and socialization skills as well as improving their physical health because it encourages imaginative play. A jungle gym, for example, may become, in his or her imagination, a youngster's rocket ship, castle or cave, leading to developmentally essential role-play. Even children with disabilities can take part if they have access to handicap accessible equipment, such as the Wheel-Thru Arcade.

Ordering Playground Equipment Online

Playground equipment is such an important part of children's lives that it's essential to look for the very best in sturdiness, "playability," and value for money. Why not consider an online source for this important purchase? Online retailers often provide the easiest way to acquire the best playground equipment delivered to your doorstep, at the best prices.

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