Playground Toys

Written by Mary Martin
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Playground toys are among the basic necessities of childhood. Providing exercise for the body and the imagination, they are arguably as essential as education and food. Certainly, they are a memorable part of most youngsters' lives.

Renowned educator Maria Montessori once said, "Play is children's work." If that is true, then toys are some of the vital tools children can use in that work. Youngsters of every age, from littlest kids through teens, are fortunate that there is such a wide variety of playground equipment to help them grow and learn.

Many Kinds of Playground Toys

The term "playground toys" includes a broad range of equipment. Items that immediately spring to mind may be the old classic favorites--see saws, jungle gyms, slides, swing sets and merry go rounds. Play structures, such as wooden playground equipment and playground climbers also fall under this umbrella term.

Then there's sports equipment--all the gear, such as goalposts, backstops and nets, needed for games like baseball, soccer, basketball and football. Most of these, which are usually found in parks and playgrounds, are also available in versions that are appropriate for residential use. It's so easy--and fun--to shop for them online.

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