Portable Backstop

Written by Mary Martin
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Baseball is a sport that every person in America plays at one time or another, so everyone has probably seen or used a portable backstop. Common on school playgrounds and at public parks, these handy devices, are popular. Like portable soccer goals, they enable a field to be used for a number of different sports.

Considerations When Selecting a Portable Backstop

A portable backstop is movable. This is an advantage for a park or school because the baseball field can be converted to soccer or football field as seasons change. The usage of the field is not limited.

Arrange for storage space for the backstop. Plan the layout of the field so when the backstop is moved, it does not impinge on spectator space for the next sport. Don't forget that trees have to be trimmed to allow clearance for the backstop.

Be sure to buy the appropriate transporter for the backstop. Backstops are heavy and for safety reasons, the transporter should be designed for your backstop. Movement on a hard surface is easier than on grass.

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