Ride Ons

Written by Mary Martin
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When tiniest tots get to the playground, they make a beeline to the ride ons, those wonderful springy toys that are just the right size for them. Low to the ground but with enough room for vigorous back-and-forth riding action, this child playground equipment offers safe thrills for kids from preschool through lower elementary grades. Ride-on toys have provided tried-and-true fun for generations of youngsters.

Crafted of top-quality materials, such as polyethylene, baked polyester and aluminum, and set on strong steel springs, these toys are durable and take hard wear. They maintain their attractiveness and appeal despite heavy usage. Another advantage is that they take up very little space; the largest model requires only a 6-foot zone around it, while others need only a 2-foot-by-3-foot space.

Ride Ons Are Fun

Part of the fun of a ride-on toy is the fantasy that goes along with it. Driving a car, piloting an airplane or rushing to a fire on a fire engine built for two are exciting possibilities that little kids love to act out in their ride-on play. They can also take imaginary journeys atop a variety of animals, including a grasshopper, whale, zebra, frog and pony.

While most ride ons are found at public playgrounds and schools, they can be installed at home, too. They can provide hours of fun and are a worthy addition to a little kid's backyard. Look for them and other playground equipment online where you'll find the best selection and prices.

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