Tennis Posts

Written by Norene Anderson
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Tennis posts are specifically designed for the convenience of keeping the net at the right tension and height for play. Some are made from square steel. Other posts are round. They must have some type of ratchet and pulley to adjust the net. Most posts are designed for permanent installation. If they are semi-permanent, there must be some type of ground sleeve to insert the posts into.

Some tennis posts have a telescoping winder that is internal while others have an external winder. The proper height for singles play is 42 inches. A portable tennis post set can turn any place with enough space into a tennis court. This is a great way to have some family competition or a challenge at a church or community social event. It is a quick and easy setup and provides lots of fun for everyone.

Tennis Posts Designed to Last

Top-quality tennis posts should come with a warranty against bending under normal circumstances. Galvanized steel is a durable material that will stand the test of time for this active sport. The posts must be sturdy enough to hold a 42-foot net without wavering. The posts should meet USLTA (United States Lawn Tennis Association) standards.

The cold, dreary days of winter should not hinder you from enjoying this great sport. With portable posts available, you can set up a net inside a gymnasium and play as often as you like. This will keep you in shape to take on the challenge outdoors as soon as the weather permits. If you are designing your tennis court, there are many excellent posts to consider that will serve you well for many years.

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