Written by Norene Anderson
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Tetherball is a game where two opposing players stand on opposing sides of a stationary pole that is 10 feet tall. A ball is hung from a rope that is tied to the top of the pole. The object of the game is for one player to hit the ball hard enough that it wraps the rope all the way around the pole until the ball is against the pole.

Tetherball has some very strict rules about where the players can stand and when they can hit. An initial serve begins the game. The ball is hit and the opposing player must intercept the ball and hit it in the opposite direction. In order to get the ball to wrap around the pole, it must be hit in a way that the opponent cannot return it.

Tetherball Rules

Each player must stay off the opponent's half of the pole. If the rope is hit instead of the ball, a violation is incurred. If the ball is hit twice without circling the pole or being hit by the opponent, it is also a violation. If a violation is intentional, it means a forfeit of the game. The match can be for any odd number of games. Usually, the best of three or five games wins.

The equipment used in tetherball is very simple. All it takes is a rope (usually nylon), a ball, and a sturdy pole. The ball is about the size of a volleyball. In fact, a volleyball was used before the tetherball was designed. This game can be played on many surfaces. It is popular on sand and grass and is a great portable game for the beach or in the back yard.

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