Tetherball Posts

Written by Norene Anderson
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Tetherball posts are constructed out of galvanized pipe and are 10 feet above the ground where the rope attaches for the tetherball. For the children, there is a post that has a slide for adjusting the height of the rope attachment. This makes it possible for children of all ages to enjoy the game in a safe manner.

Bases for tetherball posts are available that can be filled with sand to hold the posts in place. These are designed to not damage floors. Other bases are available that can be used for indoor games or outdoor games of tetherball, badminton, tennis, volleyball, and many other similar games. The base is crucial for the stability of the game.

More about Tetherball Posts

Tetherball posts require a ceiling height of at least 11 feet. This gives room for the pole and the base to fit comfortably within the limited space for play. The object of tetherball is for two players to strike a ball that is tethered or attached to a pole with a string or rope and wrap the rope around the pole. The ball should hang two feet above the ground.

The pole must not move during play. Most serious tetherball players have the posts mounted in the ground. It is possible to play a great game with the weighted pole stabilizers when an outdoor mount is not possible. The posts have a loop at the top for the rope to attach.

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