Volleyball Nets

Written by Norene Anderson
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Volleyball nets are made in two types. One is for indoor volleyball and the other is for outdoor play. The outdoor net is 32 feet long and can be 36 or 39 inches high. The tape bands can vary from two inches to four inches and some have the tape on all sides and others have the tape just on the side and bottom. Some nets have a steel cable across the top and bottom. Other nets use rope cable to give support to the net.

Indoor volleyball nets are the same size as the outdoor nets. The material is different. The binding is different levels of vinyl. Some designs have cables going through and others have only corner ropes for stability. Some models have a protected steel stretcher bar to tighten the net to the right tension for play.

Durable Volleyball Nets

Volleyball nets are designed to take the wear and tear of the game whether in the outdoor heat during beach volleyball season or in the gym during wintertime fun. The game is growing in popularity across the nation. It requires skill and a lot of energy. The physical benefits of playing a game of volleyball are enormous. The nets must be placed at the right height for everyone to get the most benefit and fun out of the game.

There are teams all across the nation from church leagues to community leagues. Schools and colleges offer great competition for state and national play. It can be a sport just for fun or it can be serious enough to go to the Olympics. A durable net is a great investment for many hours of great family activity.

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