Volleyball Posts

Written by Norene Anderson
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Volleyball posts are just as important to a good game as the nets. The posts must be durable and stable enough to hold the net at just the right tension. Some posts are galvanized steel. Other posts are made from a very durable aluminum. There should be easy adjustment of the net with either a self-locking tensioning system or a pulley and slide.

Volleyball posts should have sufficient height adjustment capabilities to accommodate settings for all ages including for tournament standards. Posts can be permanently set on courts that are specifically designed for volleyball or they can be portable for use in gymnasiums and on the beach.

Different Volleyball Posts

Some volleyball systems come with the net attached to the volleyball posts and all that is necessary is to roll out the net and secure the posts. This is a quick setup for beach or grass volleyball games. Sand and grass anchor kits are required for stability. There are many types of posts to choose from and it is important to match the posts with the net for the best setup. Some portable posts come with steel bases filled with concrete for stability. If you are using a gym floor, be sure the base is equipped with floor protectors to prevent scratching and marring of the surface.

Interest in this sport is growing rapidly across the nation. Interest in physical fitness is causing many adults to learn the game. There is protection available for the knees and elbows to prevent some of the damage from diving for the ball. This is a good idea particularly for those prone to injury. There are even pads for the posts!

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