Wood Swing Sets

Written by Mary Martin
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Parents with wood swing sets in their backyards swear that they are kid magnets. Not only do their own children love spending time on these attractive structures, so do all their kids' friends. Installing a swing set is a sure-fire way to ensure that you'll be far less likely to hear those dreaded words, "There's nothing to do."

There's lots more to do than just swing on these ingenious, well-designed pieces of backyard playground equipment, which pack multiple activities into a relatively compact space. In addition to a swing, one unit may include, for example, a slide, swing, cargo ladder, sandbox, monkey climber and fort with a canopy roof. There may even be a rock climbing wall.

Play Value of Wood Swing Sets

Swing sets offer long-term play value. Unlike single-use toys with one purpose only, a swing set gives children a chance to exercise their imaginations, which educators agree is essential to intellectual development. The swing set can become a castle, a pirate ship or a mountain--a center for hours of creative fun.

In addition, kids can use the set to exercise their bodies. Offering opportunities for climbing, swinging, sliding and jumping, wood swing sets challenge children physically and help build coordination and strength. Look online to find out more about these and other fitness-promoting home playground equipment.

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