Wooden Playground Equipment

Written by Mary Martin
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Boost your children's playtime fun with a sturdy piece of wooden playground equipment that will make them the most popular kids in the neighborhood. Youngsters have long gravitated toward these wooden structures that are the centerpieces of many school playgrounds, parks and daycare centers. Now these kid-pleasing playground toys are available in sizes suitable for home use.

Parents and teachers alike applaud this innovative equipment because it encourages the physical activity and imaginative play so important to children's development. In providing a framework for the age-old game of "let's pretend," it encourages youngsters of to cooperate with one another and to role play. Unlike many single-use playthings, which are discarded after brief use, wooden playground equipment is enjoyed for years by children of different ages.

Wooden Playground Equipment Designs

Imagine a castle in your own backyard! Make that dream come true for your child when you set up a realistic wooden playhouse castle, complete with drawbridge. The play opportunities are endless in this amazing structure that also includes a fireman's pole, trapeze bars, slide, swings, inside ladder and more.

Another wooden structure that will provide hours of quality play is the playground boat. Looking like a true seagoing vessel, this play-worthy craft features a ramp, decks, ships wheel, trapeze bars, slide and more. Look online for more information about purchasing this or other wooden equipment for your children.

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