Automatic Card Shufflers

Written by James Lyons
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Automatic card shufflers are a great thing to have if you are running large poker and blackjack games. Even professional dealers have a tough time keeping a game moving when they have to break to shuffle. If you are running a Texas Holdem tournament at your home, you definitely need an automatic card shuffler.

Up until a few years ago, automatic card shufflers were a tool reserved for casinos. People who held private poker tournaments or blackjack tournaments had to hire professional dealers to run their games, or risk people losing interest and focus when a dealer broke to shuffle. The automatic shufflers keep the poker game moving along without a hitch, especially if you have one of the larger models that shuffle four or more decks.

Automatic Card Shufflers Are Cheaper Than You Think

Something like this sounds expensive. I resisted even looking into automatic card shufflers because I assumed they would cost me an arm and a leg. As it turns out, you can get a decent four deck automatic card shuffler for less than $20. All this time I was trying to shuffle three to six decks at a time. Shuffling fours decks properly can take an untrained person half an hour to accomplish.

Battery powered card shufflers are the way to go. These nifty little devices will instantly enhance the quality of your poker and blackjack games. It's no longer necessary to take long breaks between shuffles; these automatic shufflers make the game seamless.

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