Card Shufflers

Written by James Lyons
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Card shufflers, in my opinion, are a necessary piece of equipment to own if you want to host a smooth, seamless card game. While I enjoy the physical act of shuffling cards, I'd rather reserve that skill for card tricks and other novelty acts. The truth of the matter is card shufflers cut down on human error and the human temptation to cheat.

Hopefully you play cards with other honest card players. Sometimes, however, people get that temptation to palm a card or plant one at the bottom of the deck. If you host a game that requires different people to deal at different times, the chance of this happening increases. Owning a card shuffler and a dealer shoe significantly cuts down on the cheating factor and allows skill to determine the winner.

Card Shufflers at the Casino

Is the art of shuffling cards dying? I certainly don't think so. If you venture into a Las Vegas casino, you will see tons and tons of blackjack and poker tables surrounded by eager gamblers looking for that perfect hand. The dealers typically use card shufflers to keep the game flowing, but these dealers are also perfectly capable of artistically shuffling a deck.

Casinos know that the more time you spend at the table, the better chance they have of taking your money. Card shufflers are one of their many tools designed to keep you gambling. They want a seamless game that ends in you forking over all your money to the house. Fortunately, these automatic shufflers are available to the casual card player who avoids the casinos and would rather host an innocuous card match.

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