Clay Poker Chips

Written by James Lyons
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Many poker enthusiasts won't even play poker unless they are handling a set of clay poker chips. These chips are for the old school poker player; the kind of man who likes to chase his whiskey on the rocks with a filterless cigarette and another whiskey. Clay chips aren't designed for the man still holding on to the plastic poker chips he bought at a garage sale in college.

If you are one of those guys desperately holding on to those old chips, please develop a little pride and upgrade, especially if you have any appreciation for the game. You don't have to spend a ton of money to prove you appreciate poker, but slinging around plastic chips is a ritual designed for poor drunk college kids. Poker chips are part of the game and part of the history of this game.

Real Clay Poker Chips

When people talk about clay poker chips, are they actually referring to poker chips made out of clay? Actually, real clay poker chips are rarely made anymore because clay simply cannot hold up to people's abuse. Real clay chips chip very easily, no pun intended. The clay chips of today are composite chips, which means the clay is combined with other materials to make it more durable.

In fact, most major casinos have not used 100 percent clay poker chips in decades. Casinos make a ton of money, but they don't want to incur the cost of replacing entire chip sets every single day. A 100 percent clay set probably wouldn't last half a day at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. The good new is you can get a top-of-the-line composite clay set for a reasonable price, which will last you much longer than a 100 percent clay set.

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