Craps Tables

Written by James Lyons
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People have been crowding around craps tables for almost 200 years. Adapted in 1813 from the French game hazard, craps evolved into the most popular casino game in the world by 1910. Craps is an American game created by a New Orleans man by the name of Bernard de Mandeville. Over the last few decades, however, craps has become less popular in casinos and more popular in people's homes.

There is nothing in the gaming world that can match the frenetic energy surrounding a hot craps table. More and more people are buying craps tables because craps is such a communal game. Players get to play along with other players. Players can also play against other players. When one player wins, everyone involved who made that same bet also wins.

Buying Craps Tables

A casino-sized craps table is pretty big and would require a decent chunk of space if you wanted one for your home. If you have the square footage to accommodate such a piece of furniture, by all means, make the purchase. Make sure there is enough room around the table for people to stand. If you don't have the money or space for a casino-size craps table, look into the smaller craps tables, you will find a lot of great options on the Internet.

The most unique gaming table I came across was a four-in-one gambling table. The table could function as a normal small rectangular card table, a six person blackjack table, a roulette table and a small craps table. If you love craps, you probably enjoy a few other casino games, so look for a gaming table that can serve multiple functions.

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