Custom Poker Chips

Written by James Lyons
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Custom poker chips are for the true poker aficionado, the man who wants his own signature on his poker game. When you go to Bob's house to play poker, take my advice, treat his chips with respect and don't take any of them. He'll know it. Bob's chips actually have "Bob's chips" on them, so it will be pretty hard to explain that one. Anything is possible with custom poker chips, just ask Bob.

Who is Bob? Bob is the king of all poker players, the man who doesn't sweat while playing "Mexican Sweat", the man who doesn't flinch during Five Card Draw, the man who always hits 21 in Black Jack, and the man who put the "Stud" in Five Card Stud. Bob is a fictional person I just made up on the spot, but this product of my imagination has the wherewithal to purchase a set of custom made poker chips.

Custom Poker Chips for the Avid Players

Custom chips are great for real poker players and pretentious poker players. The pretenders will have a set of flashy looking custom chips made to show to their friends and guests, but when it comes to actual game time, they flinch every time a good bluff is thrown their way.

The real poker players have a set of custom poker chips made because they want to keep track of their chips, that and they have a deep respect for the game. Competitive cyclists have custom bikes made, professional bowlers have custom balls made, and avid poker players have custom chips made. For many their chips are a symbol of their affection for the game.

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