Diamond Poker Chips

Written by James Lyons
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Diamond poker chips are a man's best friend. By themselves, diamonds don't really do it for me; but line a poker chip with diamond shapes, and you've successfully piqued my interest. 11.5 gram diamond poker chips are the Mercedes of poker chips designed for those sharks who like a little flare and a dash of style with their poker game.

Don't kid yourselves. There are many elements to the game of poker and one of those elements is style. Some card players prefer a laid back, cool sort of style, while others like a flashy, in-your-face, gaudy style. Whatever your preference, there are poker supplies and poker chips that will reflect your personal style. Diamond poker chips, in my opinion, successfully satisfy all range of styles.

Diamond Poker Chips and Your Poker Game

What is your personal style? Do you like to casually sit back in your chair and subtly watch your competition reveal their hands? Do you prefer a brazen, confrontational approach designed to draw out your opponent's hand? Most card players fall somewhere in the middle and many have no idea how to classify themselves. I fall in the "confrontational" category--I try to elicit an emotional response from my competition because emotion reveals everything.

Every piece of gaming equipment I own reflects my personal card playing philosophy. My 600 piece set of diamond poker chips is a subtle reflection of my philosophy, as well as my flashy playing cards. These items remind me this game is supposed to be fun, and I have a good time getting under people's skin. Those who let me do it deserve to lose their money.

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