Gaming Chips

Written by James Lyons
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If you play a number of different games at your home, you will probably need different gaming chips. If you play poker and craps, you should have different chips for each game. If you play poker and blackjack, you can probably get by with one set of gaming chips. Regardless of your personal gaming preferences, you should make a point to purchase a new set of chips if you haven't done so in a long time.

The human hands are a destructive force. Our hands carry around traces of everything we touch, these remnants get on the things we touch, and poker chips are handled by many sets of hands. If you go to a museum, people are not allowed to touch paintings because of the degrading force of thousands of hands. Because of this degrading quality, your poker chips should be replaced every now and then with a fresh set of clay or clay composite chips.

Gaming Chips for the True Gamer

The true gamer does not use plastic poker chips. No, I am not a poker snob by any means, but I do have limits. In college, I loved batting around the plastic poker chips, swilling dirt cheap whiskey, and sucking down horrendous cigars. This is a card player's rite of passage. I usually spent the next day kneeling in front of a toilet begging for forgiveness, but the experience was always worth it.

Clay chips, in my opinion, are the true gaming chips. The old-school cheats and swindlers used the clay chips. Poker games in the old saloons were played with clay chips. However, genuine clay chips are susceptible to damage, so clay composite chips are an excellent alternative.

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