Playing Card Shufflers

Written by James Lyons
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Playing card shufflers are used by many casinos to prevent card counting. Card counting is technically not illegal, but since casinos are private property, they can kick people out for any reason they choose. When casinos tried to outlaw card counting, the courts came back and said that card counting is simply the effective use of available information. Card counting is not cheating.

That being said, casinos would lose money hand over fist if they allowed card counters to play at their tables. Even playing card shufflers can't stop the best cards counters. Some people actually form card counting teams that develop elusive signals and signs that indicate when to hit, stay, double down, or bet big. It's all based on odds and percentages and if you're hosting a legal private game, you want the odds in the favor of the house.

Playing Card Shufflers Weed out the Undesirables

Card counters hate playing card shufflers and they hate dealers that frequently use these shufflers. Many casino tables only use a couple of decks, but they have cards constantly cycling through the shufflers. In other words, the cards are always being shuffled so there is no way for card counters to keep track of cards. The odds reset with every hand.

If you like to host games at your home, playing card shufflers are rather cheap. You can purchase a four deck, battery-operated shuffler for less than $17 online. Your automatic card shuffler will keep the game clean. Card counting definitely isn't dirty, but it certainly makes card games less enjoyable, reducing the game to numbers and math.

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