Poker Chip Carousels

Written by James Lyons
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There are a million different poker chip carousels available in various gaming supply stores. Some poker players opt for the nice, sturdy, slightly rustic solid wood carousels to hold their diamond poker chips. Walnut and maple are two popular wood choices when it comes to chip carousels.

It's important to know what kind of storage capacity you require from your poker chip carousel before you make any purchases. Some poker chip carousels carry as few as 50 chips while others carry as many as 500 poker chips. The carousel is a very sleek way to organize your poker game. In private poker games, one person is often assigned the responsibility of being the "bank." The poker chip carousel helps the "bank" keep track of all the money.

What to Look for in Poker Chip Carousels

Durability and capacity are the two most important features of a poker chip carousel. My father has owned his carousel for over forty years. He received it as a Christmas gift in the early 1960s. This carousel has seen hundreds of poker games and has endured the abuse of many careless, inebriated men and women. Its mahogany wood structure withstood the impact of six or seven falls from the equally ancient poker table.

In addition, find a carousel equipped with slots for cards and a carrying handle. The carrying handle will help preserve the life of your poker chip carousels, especially if you or any of your fellow card players have clumsy hands. Most importantly, poker chips carousels should be aesthetically appealing. Don't buy a cheap plastic one. Remember that in poker appearance is everything, a well-equipped poker set will only aid in intimidating your competitors.

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