Poker Chip Cases

Written by James Lyons
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I liken poker chip cases to a pool stick case. Your case houses and protects your instrument, your weapon of choice, your best kept secrets. I have a flare for the dramatic, in case you haven't noticed, but it stems from the deep-seated passion I have for this game. At the very least, a nice poker chip case can be a nice piece of decoration for your house or apartment, an excellent selling point for your wife or girlfriend.

I don't mean to exclude women from the great game of poker. Some of the best poker players in history have been women. Perhaps it's their ability to control the minds of men. Perhaps it's because women are naturally smarter than men. Maybe it's because men are generally only able to focus on one thing at a time, while women can juggle multiple thoughts and multiple strategies.

Poker Chip Cases as Decorations

Hey, some poker chips cases look good. They make you feel pretty cool, like a man who knows what he's doing, like a person who knows the thoughts of everyone around him. Am I going a little too far? You can never underestimate the power of the psychological in poker, psychological advantage can be everything. Poker chip cases have functional value and aesthetic value so you might want to consider spending a little more in this area, especially if you shelled out good money for a nice custom poker set.

When it comes time to choose from the many poker chip cases, you have a ton of options. There are wooden cases lined with leather, aluminum cases lined with alligator, aluminum cases featuring velvet covered slots, and so on. The options are wide open. Are you partial to the old, rustic feel or are you more of a contemporary, modern kind of guy? It's up to you.

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