Poker Chip Sets

Written by James Lyons
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There are a million different poker chip sets on the market from which to choose. I personally own a few different poker chip sets, each set designed for a different sized game. I have a 600 piece set for poker games comprised of 10 people or more. I also have a significantly smaller set for smaller games. I use the smaller poker chip sets for impromptu games when a couple of friends swing by to watch a ball game and the testosterone gets channeled into a poker game.

What sized poker games do you play? This will dictate the size of the poker chip set you purchase. You might consider buying at least two sets, one nice set for the serious games and a cheaper set for the casual games. With the nicer sets, check to see if they come with durable poker chip cases, especially if you have kids or rowdy friends. The clay chips can break with the right kind of impact.

Poker Chip Sets for the Competitor

What do you like doing in your spare time? Are you one of those innately competitive people always looking for some competition? Do you race your own children up your stairs and never let them win? Poker definitely lends itself to competitive types.

Poker chip sets are a reflection of their owners skill and professionalism. Your set sends a message to your friends and competitors. If you have a cheap plastic set, it probably means you are a beginner and have very little clue how to play this game effectively. If, however, you own a set of custom 13 gram poker chips, then you're a cat who means business.

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