Poker Videos

Written by James Lyons
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For those who have a difficult time understanding and playing the game of poker, you might want pick up a couple of instructional poker videos. I learned the hard way. A so-called friend of mine loosely explained the rules and then relieved me of five dollars. Later, my father filled me in on the rest, and I gladly won my money back ... and then some.

For those of you who want to host your own Texas Holdem poker tournament, there are videos on the market that explain how to do this. Running a successful home poker tournament requires experience. You need to know what supplies you'll need, how many chips you'll need, and what things you can do to run your tournament like the casinos do. All this information can be found on various poker videos.

Poker Tips from Poker Videos

Poker involves more than cards. Cards have very little to do with winning a poker game. Beginning poker players often have very little idea of how to bet, how to raise, how to bluff, and how to fold. They give away their hands without even realizing it. Many of them stay in way too many hands and find themselves out of the game faster than they can say, "What happened?"

Poker videos can give you tips on how to become a successful poker player. The game of poker is far more enjoyable when you win. Losing can ruin the experience, especially if you're playing with large sums of money. Mastering the game takes years of practice and hard knocks, but learning the essential poker basics can be accomplished by watching a couple of good poker videos.

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