Texas Holdem

Written by James Lyons
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Do you know how to play Texas Holdem? It's a relatively easy game to learn and the following information is a simple explanation on how to play the game. Most holdem games begin with two players sliding out a prearranged amount of money, before any cards are dealt. This gesture is called posting the blinds. The dealer then shuffles the playing cards or deals out of a dealing shoe. Each player is dealt two cards face down.

A round of betting ensues after the first two cards are dealt. The players involved can check, raise, or fold just like they can in other poker games, such as seven card stud. Once the initial betting round ends, the dealer discards the top card, an act known as "burning a card." This helps prevent cheating. Next, the dealer turns three cards face up on the table. These cards are referred to as the flop. Everyone involved in the games can use these cards to help build their hands.

More on How to Play Texas Holdem

Another round of betting occurs after the flop cards are laid out. After this round of betting, the dealer burns an additional card and then turns over one more card thus adding to the flop. This is called the turn card and the players still involved can use this card to help build their five card hand. Then we have another round of betting. At this point, the Texas holdem pot is usually pretty big.

The dealer burns another card and then places the final card face up on the table along side the other flop cards. At this point there are five cards face up on the table (communal cards) and two personal cards for each player. The final round of betting occurs. The player with the best Texas holdem hand or the best bluff wins.

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