1000 Piece Wooden Jigsaws

Written by Charles Peacock
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People with a lot of puzzle experience usually need something more challenging than a store-bought 250-piece cardboard puzzle. If you're looking for a puzzle that will suit your tastes (and your skills), you will in the very least want something with 1,000 or more pieces. If you're looking for a real challenge, I would also suggest going with a wooden puzzle.

Are Wooden Puzzles More Challenging?

Most people wouldn't think that wooden puzzles would be any different from cardboard puzzles (aside from the obvious differences in look and feel). In reality, wooden puzzles are almost always more challenging than cardboard puzzles. This is true for a variety of reasons, as wooden puzzle makers are quick to point out.

Cardboard puzzles are cut with mass-production cutting dies. This means that regardless of the image, the puzzle usually has exactly the same pattern of pieces. In addition, because of the flimsiness of the material cardboard, puzzle pieces have to be cut with relatively simple, well-rounded edges.

Since wood is so much sturdier than cardboard, wooden puzzle makers can get far more creative with their cutting designs. They can cut tiny intricate pieces that simply would not be possible with a cardboard puzzle. As a result, most people say that a 250 piece wooden puzzle has a similar level of difficulty to a 1,000 piece puzzle made out of cardboard. So be careful if you're looking to buy a 1,000 piece wooden puzzle--you may be getting more than you bargained for!

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