Collectable Rare Jigsaw Puzzles

Written by Charles Peacock
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Puzzles aren't something a lot of people would consider "collectible." They come with a lot of pieces (usually in the hundreds), they have to be put together by hand, and they're normally not very durable. True puzzle aficionados will be pleased to learn, however, that there actually are some puzzles out there that are very much worth collecting.

Collectible and Rare Jigsaw Puzzles

The most collectible puzzles would probably have to be antique puzzles. In the old days (at least one hundred years ago), puzzles were cut by hand using thin saws. If you can get your hand on a puzzle from the earliest days of jigsaw puzzles, it would definitely be something special (and probably very expensive). If you're interested in the look and quality of old-fashioned puzzles, however, you don't necessarily have to go shopping in attics or antique markets.

There are puzzle manufacturers today who make puzzles that closely resemble the high-quality versions of yesteryear. These manufacturers use wood for their puzzles, which makes them durable and long lasting--exactly what you'd need for a collectible puzzle. In addition, some manufacturers offer limited edition puzzles that increase their collectible value.

Whether you're looking for a collectible puzzle for yourself or as a gift for someone else, a limited edition wooden puzzle is a great way to go. Puzzles like this are usually made in a series of only a few hundred, at which point the design is retired. Buying a limited edition puzzle means you can put it together and display the puzzle with the knowledge that it truly is a unique item.

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True value

I have come across a rare avengers jigsaw From 1966 in a red box any help please