Individually Crafted British Jigsaw Puzzles

Written by Charles Peacock
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Although you may find some argument on the issue, the popular story is that jigsaw puzzles were invented in the 1760s by a London mapmaker by the name of John Spilsbury. One thing that is for certain is that the British have long loved their puzzles. They love making them, they love putting them together, and to this day, they craft some of the finest puzzles on the market.

Finding Individually Crafted British Jigsaw Puzzles

Not so many years ago, you may have had a hard time getting your hands on specially made British jigsaw puzzles. Unless you lived in Britain or knew of a good import shop, you'd probably have to find an ad in a puzzle magazine to be able to buy a special wooden puzzle. Those days are fortunately gone--you can easily purchase some of the best puzzles in the world directly from the manufacturers in Britain by simply visiting their websites.

Whether or not the British truly invented the jigsaw puzzle, there is no doubt that they have stayed at the forefront of puzzle design. British puzzle manufacturers today utilize sophisticated computer and laser techniques to produce high quality, beautiful puzzles that rival anything else on the market. Their techniques allow them to create complex designs that are a challenge to even the most experienced puzzler.

One of the great things about buying individually crafted puzzles is that you can actually customize the design yourself. It's possible to have the puzzle made with your own photograph on it, and you can even request specific shapes for the puzzle itself or the pieces. While this kind of puzzle may cost more than a cheap cardboard puzzle, there is no doubt that it will truly be a collectible item in a league of its own.

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