Personal Photo Jigsaw Puzzles

Written by Charles Peacock
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If you're in the market for a unique customized gift, there are plenty of options out there. There may in fact be too many: you can buy mugs, shirts, hats and all sorts of other things with a custom name or photo printed on them. These gifts are nice, but they aren't really that unique anymore. If you want to buy something really unique, consider a personal photo jigsaw puzzle.

Putting Your Photo on a Jigsaw

You may not even have known it was possible, but today's jigsaw makers can actually make a puzzle out of any photograph you want! And it won't be your everyday cardboard puzzle: customized puzzles these days are individually crafted out of high quality wood. Having a photo puzzle made as a gift is a truly unique gift that can be enjoyed for many years.

There are all sorts of types of photos you could use for your customized jigsaw: a family portrait, a wedding photo, even a snapshot from a favorite vacation spot. Even better, you can usually get the puzzle made with a written caption on the side. This allows you to include a personalized message that can only be seen when the puzzle is pieced together.

A fun way to give a photo puzzle as a gift is to request that a reference photo is not included with the puzzle. This means that when the recipient goes to put the puzzle together, they have no idea what it is going to look like. Of course this makes it a bit more difficult, but think of how fun and rewarding it would be to finally figure out what the picture is after all those hours of concentration!

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