Quality Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Makers

Written by Charles Peacock
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If you're serious about puzzles, you've probably grown tired of the cheap boxed cardboard puzzles that can be found in your local store. Sure these puzzles are fun, but they're like listening to the same type of music over and over again: the theme may be different, but the underlying feel is exactly the same. If any of this rings true to you, it's probably time to look into quality high-end wooden puzzles.

The Advantages of Wooden Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles were originally made of wood, but cardboard came to dominate the market in the early 20th century because it was cheaper and easier to cut with mass-production cutting tools. Fortunately, several specialty puzzle makers have returned to using wood for their puzzles. They recognize the fact that puzzle people want something better than the garden-variety cardboard puzzles.

The most obvious advantage of wooden puzzles is the feel. As soon as you take the pieces out of the box, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the heft of the pieces. Half the fun of doing puzzles is the aesthetic joy of locking two pieces together, and this step feels even better when the interlocking pieces are made of solid wood.

Another advantage of wooden puzzles is their durability. They won't bend or warp like cardboard puzzles, so they can be taken apart and re-done over and over. In addition, they produce a much flatter final product, which makes them easier to mount and display if you'd like to show off your completed treasure.

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