Traditional Victorian Replica Jigsaws

Written by Charles Peacock
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Wooden jigsaw puzzles saw their heyday in the Victorian era, when puzzle craftsmen put unprecedented thought and care into designing jigsaw puzzles for their rapt audiences. Finding original Victorian-era puzzles, unfortunately, is both difficult and beyond the financial means of the average puzzle fan. The good news is that in recent years, several specialty puzzle makers have begun to produce jigsaw puzzles that reflect the look, feel and quality of those wonderful puzzles from the past.

Victorian Replica Jigsaw Puzzles

Most of the replica puzzles you will find today are made in Britain, where jigsaw puzzles first started out. While they may look a lot like the puzzles that were made over a century ago, they are in fact designed using a far more sophisticated production process. Instead of an individual craftsman pouring hours or even days into a single puzzle, today's replicas are made with the assistance of computers and laser cutting technology.

This isn't to say that today's wooden jigsaws are cheap or of poor quality. In fact, they are probably better looking and sturdier than any jigsaws that preceded them. Using computers helps modern jigsaw makers design high quality puzzles that look great, are fun to put together, and are still affordable to the average buyer.

One great thing about replica puzzles is that you can find ones with pictures that look a lot like what you would have found on a puzzle in the 19th century. Images of steam trains, Victorian town squares and ships are all common themes on these types of jigsaws. Owning one of your own is like owning a little slice of history.

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