Why Choose Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Written by Charles Peacock
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There are many reasons to choose wooden puzzles over cardboard puzzles, even if you are not a raving puzzle addict (and believe me, there are plenty of them out there). Wooden puzzles are typically more expensive than regular cardboard puzzles, but they have so many benefits that it always makes the extra cost worth it. Anyone who has put together a wooden puzzle will tell you that they are leaps and bounds ahead of any other kind.

Why Choose Wooden Puzzles?

The first reason to choose wooden puzzles is their durability. Wooden pieces will not bend, wear out or peel like their cardboard counterparts. This allows you to make the puzzle over and over again without losing any of its original quality. In addition, wooden puzzles won't warp and bend like cardboard once they are put together.

Since wood is so much sturdier than cardboard, wooden jigsaw pieces can be far more complex and intricate. This means that wooden puzzle makers can create shapes with tiny corners and edges that would quickly bend or break if they were made out of cardboard. The result is a far more interesting (and challenging) puzzle.

Wooden puzzles also allow for a much better bond with the surface image. Unlike cardboard puzzles, wooden puzzles will not peel into sections, nor will the image fade as easily. If you like to mount your puzzles on the wall, wooden jigsaws are a much better choice for this very reason. And last but not least, wooden puzzles simply feel better--they have much more heft and snap than cardboard puzzles.

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