Fall Gauley Vacation In Wv

Written by Amy Hall
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A fall Gauley vacation in WV can provide you with the rest, relaxation, and outdoor fun that you crave all year long. Besides the exceptional whitewater rafting excursions that you can go on, there are loads of other fun outdoor activities that are perfect for the whole family. If you have small children under the age of five, many river rafting companies can help you organize a trip that will accommodate your needs for your children.

For instance, many families with small kids organize day activities for their children while the adults and older kids go whitewater rafting. Your fall Gauley vacation in WV can also include other recreational activities, such as fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and arts and crafts. Your children can play with other kids their own age while they participate in supervised activities.

The Perfect Fall Gauley Vacation in WV

Although traveling to West Virginia in the summer is an excellent time to dive into whitewater rafting excursions, it also means contending with large crowds. If you can wait a couple months, a fall Gauley vacation in WV is nothing short of incredible. The air is still warm without that oppressive humidity that descends on West Virginia in July and August.

The water temperatures are cooler but not freezing, so you can feel refreshed as you travel down the Gauley River. The foliage has begun to change, yet there are still gorgeous wildflowers and other lush plants all around you. The evening brings crisp air and bright, starry skies that are perfect for going to sleep under if you are camping in the woods.

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