Family Whitewater Rafting

Written by Amy Hall
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Family whitewater rafting trips can be a most enjoyable time for everyone in the family, as they offer different excursions for beginners as well as those with more advanced skills. In most cases, children can participate in guided river rafting tours, as long as they are at least five years of age. This can vary between companies, so it is always a good idea to check the policy of the company you are going to book your reservations through.

However, if you have small children, don't be discouraged from booking a family whitewater rafting trip, because many facilities offer activities for small children. Essentially, your small children participate in a day camp, so to speak, where they learn arts and crafts, swim, play games, and eat lots of yummy food. While they are enjoying these fun-filled activities, you and the older members of your family can enjoy some of the best rafting in WV!

Action-Packed Family Whitewater Rafting Vacations

Did you know that family whitewater rafting vacations include much more than river rafting excursions? When you book a whitewater rafting trip, you can also participate in some wonderful outdoor activities that allow you to take in the wonderful natural beauty of the West Virginia mountains. Perhaps you can spend the morning rafting, and then take the afternoon to go hiking and explore the woods and surrounding areas.

There is so much to do on family whitewater rafting trips, that you might need more than a couple days to see it all. Regardless of your agenda, the one thing you can count on is having the time of your life. Soak up the sun, explore the natural beauty all around you, and get wet when you go whitewater rafting in West Virginia!

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