West Virginia White Water Rafting

Written by Amy Hall
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West Virginia white water rafting is for all you adventure seekers out there. In fact, some of the very best white water can be found in West Virginia, with the Gauley River providing some of the best excitement for kayakers and rafters alike. There are different sections of the river that can accommodate beginners who are not ready to tackle the serious white waters just yet.

However, there are also areas of the Gauley that provide the most intense West Virginia white water rafting available on the east coast. Depending on your level of skill, your age, and your physical condition, you may or may not be advised to tackle the river with an experienced tour guide. Although whitewater rafting vacations are all about the thrill and challenge of conquering the river, safety is and should always be a top priority.

If you are an experienced white water rafter, you would probably delight in all that West Virginia rivers have to offer. There are some very challenging sections of the Gauley River and the New River, which will certainly keep you on your toes. However, if you have never tackled a white water river, you can still have a great time rafting in WV.

West Virginia White Water Rafting Vacations

There are some excellent whitewater rafting trips that include lessons, as well as actual tours of the river with a professional, experienced guide. You can learn all there is to know about safety, and take a few runs down the less challenging sections of the river, before you give it a go on your own. Remember, it is imperative that you always wear a life preserver when you participate in West Virginia white water rafting, as it is possible that you can tumble out of the raft at any time.

Furthermore, if you are looking into West Virginia white water rafting vacations for your family, keep in mind that your children have to be of a certain age to participate. Most facilities will require that children be a minimum of five years old to take part in the rafting excursions. However, this rule can vary from one company to the next, so it is wise to check in advance of making reservations.

If you do have children younger than five, you may still be able to take part in the fun and excitement that West Virginia white water rafting provides. Some companies offer camps for children that include water activities, games, and more, without actually sending them down stream in a raft. Some families find this ideal because it gives them time to seek out some adventure, while their children have a great time mingling with other kids for a day of fun and games.

Wild, Wonderful West Virginia White Water Rafting!

If you love the great outdoors, and the thrill of tackling nature at it's best, than white water rafting could be just the thing for you. Regardless of your experience level, there is a trip that can adjust to your skills and level of comfort in the water. Some people prefer to have an experienced guide take them down the river, while others like to conquer the river independently.

There is a wealth of information on the Web about white water rafting tours and vacations. The Internet provides you with the opportunity to do a little bit of research before you take the plunge. When you find out the facts in advance, you'll know how best to proceed when booking your West Virginia white water rafting trip.

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