Basketball Betting Lines

Written by Devin Flanigan
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The betting lines on basketball are not very different than those in football, as they are both sports in which scoring is fairly common. Obviously, the totals are much higher in basketball and the spread usually reflects this reality. As with football, a handful of Las Vegas odds makers handicap the matches between teams based on their mastery of the minutiae of the game.

Once these lines are established, sports enthusiasts start to get in on the action and the lines may shift a bit. Since the people taking the bets want to see 50% of the action on each side of the bet, the odds may be tweaked slightly before tip off to encourage more gamblers to bet on the other team. Remember, the house doesn't particularly care who wins or loses; it always wins thanks to the "juice" it collects from every bet.

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Basketball features betting against the spread (usually between six and 12 points in the NBA) as well as betting the money line, similar to football. There are also the familiar total bets, in which you may wager on whether the total score will be above or below a certain number chosen by the odds makers. Basketball also features entertaining proposition bets such as wagering on how many points a particular player will score in a game.

If you know that your team always comes out strong after halftime, you can even bet on just the second half of a game, or even on one particular period. Most offshore gambling websites offer a variety of bets to satisfy the desires of all types of bettors. Whether you prefer college ball or the NBA, there are numerous ways you can use online betting to add more entertainment value to your basketball viewing.

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