Fantasy Soccer Games

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Participating in a fantasy soccer league offers all the perks of owning and managing your own team, without the fear of pesky hooliganism to detract from the fun. Just as American fantasy football is a hobby growing by leaps and bounds, the venerable game of British football is an increasingly popular time-devouring diversion.

Since soccer is the world's most popular sport by a wide margin, it should come as little surprise that it has spawned a global network of fantasy league play. The virtual trading of David Beckham alone has consumed more bandwidth than is easily imagined. Americans and others who have been somewhat standoffish to soccer can instantly immerse themselves in this great sport by joining a league.

Life Is Just a Fantasy

Like most fantasy sports, the goal of fantasy soccer is to assemble a team comprised of real professional football players. The better the real players who are on your fantasy team perform in their real games, the better your virtual team fares, and the more points you earn. Since your team may be made up of players from a number of real teams, following the sport closely goes hand-in-hand with fantasy soccer.

The Internet has made rotisserie and fantasy sports so much easier to participate in than previously was the case. Player stats and injury reports are readily available with even the most basic search. Better still, many web portals run fantasy leagues for free to entice browsers to their site. That means someone else worries about crunching statistics while you worry about how to get your cousin's friend to trade Becks to you.

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