Fantasy Sports Betting

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Many fans who like to place friendly wagers on their favorite sports are also heavily involved in fantasy sports. This pastime has been around in one form or another for decades--most famously in the form of what is known as "rotisserie baseball." As with so much of our modern lives, however, it was the Internet that revolutionized the world of fantasy sports.

Fantasy sports are a way for fans to get more invested in the outcome of their favorite sports. Players join a league comprised of their buddies and coworkers or choose to join an established league online (many free portal sites now offer fantasy sports as a way to attract and keep users). There are fantasy leagues for professional football, baseball, soccer and many other sports.

Trade Up with Fantasy Sports

Each player becomes in effect a combination owner/manager of his or her own sports franchise. A draft is held in which the owners select real players to make up their teams, choosing wisely to conserve resources while selecting the ideal squad. Once the draft is over and throughout the season, participants may trade players with each other in order to plug that hole in their defense or secure a great receiver.

The success of a fantasy team is calculated by combining the real season statistics of the individual players on a team. If Brett Farve scores so many touchdowns and Travis Henry runs for so many yards, you win a certain number of points (assuming of course that they are on your fantasy team). By watching the season's statistics closely and trading judiciously, you can rise to the top of fantasy sports--and be rewarded for your efforts.

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