Free Sports Betting Picks

Written by Devin Flanigan
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There is no need to spend a lot of money up front in order to find out what teams have been picked by the experts as favorites. There are plenty of reputable handicappers who make their picks available at no cost to the consumer, allowing everyone to benefit from their expertise. Some of these free sports betting picks are free only for a trial period, while others are always offered at no charge.

Some of the best offshore gambling websites offer free picks to their customers, as counterintuitive as this may seem. Why would a casino want to help its customers correctly pick the winners? To understand this, it is important to remember how betting sites work, and where their revenues comes from.

My Picks Don't Cost a Thing

Sports books and casinos do not particularly care who wins and who loses a game because the money that goes to the winners does not come from their pockets, but rather from yours. The losers' money goes to the winners and the middleman keeps the juice. To bet $100, you usually have to pay $110. That's where the sports book cleans up, and that's why you can trust free sports picks.

Betting services don't cheat because they don't have to--theirs is a near-perfect business model. The odds makers are tasked with setting the spread and money line at the precise point at which 50 percent of the public will bet on one side, and 50 percent on the other. If heavy money on one side demonstrates that the initial odds were off a tad, they will experience a slight correction as game time approaches. Most bettors could use some expert advice, so take advantage of free sports picks.

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