Golf Betting

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Betting on golf is easy to do and can make a lazy Saturday spent in front of the TV watching a PGA tournament a uniquely thrilling endeavor. All that time spent reading golf magazines and following the tour has a chance of paying off if you can correctly predict which golfer will prevail at the end of the tourney. If you can't be playing for a few bucks with friends, why not test your prognostication skills against theirs and see if you come up a winner?

Golf betting works on straight odds. You simply bet on which player you think will win the tournament. This decision can be complicated slightly by the fact that there might be 174 players competing against one another. Luckily, your odds of picking the victor are significantly better than one-in-174.

Playing the Field

Odds makers in Las Vegas will assign odds to each of the top 30 or so golfers competing in each tournament. The odds that Tiger Woods will win the Masters, for instance, may be determined to be 3-to-1. One dollar bet on Tiger will earn you three if he goes home with the green jacket. All the golfers not in the top tier of athletes for whom odds are figured are said to be part of "the field."

Rather than betting on an individual golfer, you can elect to wager on the field. This means that if any one of the 100-plus golfers not rated individually were to win, you win the bet. This can be a great bet in a sport in which, especially lately, it seems that anything can happen. Whether you choose a favorite with short odds or cheer on a nameless rookie in the field, golf is never boring when you have a vested interest in the outcome.

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