Greyhound Betting

Written by Devin Flanigan
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The lithe and majestic greyhound has long been put into service as a racing dog for the entertainment pleasure of rabid racing fans. The speed and agility of these sleek canines make them a wonder to behold on the track. Naturally, as with horse racing, much of the appeal of greyhound racing comes from placing wagers.

Greyhound racing is a staple of entertainment in American industrial and blue-collar towns, places where horse tracks might not be as easily or eagerly supported. Hugely popular in the UK as well, the Internet now allows everyone interested to get in on the action. Funding an account at an online sports book that covers dog racing opens up dozens of tracks and hundreds of races for you to place your bets on.

Gambler's Best Friend

The types of bets available in greyhound racing are not terribly different from those found in horse racing, though the names are different on either side of the pond. Betting a dog "each way" in the UK means that the bet is paid if the dog either wins or places. The equivalent of bets such as the quinella, perfecta and trifecta can be found in the world of greyhound racing as well.

Once the gates open and the mechanical rabbit speeds off, the race is afoot. In hardly any time at all, the outcome of your bet has been determined and it is time to start checking out the next race or deciding if you might have better luck at a different track. When betting online, you can always move on to another race, track--or even sport--without ever having to get out of your chair.

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