Hockey Betting Online

Written by Devin Flanigan
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For some sports fans, the quarterback sack and elegant double-play hold little appeal. For these brave souls, there is no substitute for body checks, high sticking and icing. Hockey is the name of their game, and as they prove when they put their money where their mouths are, they are passionate about it.

Though the sports themselves couldn't be more different, betting on hockey is quite similar to betting on baseball. There is always the option of the money line, in which the advantage the favorite has over the underdog is represented by how much money one must wager to win $100. To win $100 by betting on a heavily favored team, one might need to bet as much as $300-$400.

Ice, Ice Betting!

There is also what is known as a puckline bet in professional hockey, though this is usually only done on the east coast of the United States. This is a straight goal spread bet, in which the margin of victory is determined in advance by the odds makers. This is in contrast to the more common Canadian Line, which combines a goal spread with a money line when determining the odds.

A little bit of research on the part of the bettor makes the nuances of hockey wagering as crystal clear as that of the other major sports. Assuming the league isn't on lockout, you can always get the latest odds and news from an online sports book. It need not be the prospect of blood on the ice that adds another level of interest in the game; it can also be the prospect of money in the wallet.

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